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AllisWell is about natural health and wellness--providing free health education because we are tired of seeing so many people sick. There's no charge for the information on this website. We're two naturopaths who will try to simplify your search for wellness. We'll try to take a moderate approach, writing simply and plainly, avoiding the underlying science but providing links to it in case you want to read more. We will not be recommending any one technique or substance as a cure-all. We believe that everyone is different and will respond in their unique way to changes in supplements, diet, exercise, or other healing services.  In short we'll try to give you the information that you need to take control of your own wellness.  You have a wonderfully intelligent body and it is fully capable of health and vitality.

Our approach to health and wellness

The basic approach to health is this: it's cheaper to stay healthy than to fix it after it's broken, so eat moderately, exercise moderately and get adequate rest. Your incredibly intelligent and resourceful body will keep well if you do one more thing--avoid overloading it with toxins. We put together a Keynote presentation that presents our basic approach.

Take a look at Start Here in the sidebar.  We break health down to the Physical, Spiritual, and Energetic.  Within each of those there's good things to add and bad things to avoid.  Wellness is that simple. 

Why are so many people sick?

If it's so simple, why are so many people sick? Take a look at the links in the right panel under Start Here.  You'll find things that sick people are doing that are overloading their immune system to the point that their intelligent and resourceful bodies are overwhelmed. If you're already sick, then stop doing the bad things and take a look at the links "Good things to add." You'll find things that will either be free or will cost you little money.

What we want for you

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We want you to spend very little time or money on natural health and wellness--and even less on treating sickness. If you're like most people, you're spending money on things that are making you sick. Then you're spending even more money to change the symptoms that come from your purchases. If you start spending your money on food and other products that won't make you sick, then you're money ahead already. Then you won't have to buy medical care--that'll save you even more money. With all the money you're saving, you'll be so joyful that your immune system will be humming along, sending happy, healing hormones around your system. You'll have so much health you won't know what to do with yourself.

Our mission statement

We'll try to help you spend your natural health and wellness dollars wisely. Maybe that's our mission statement.

Who are these people?

Who are we? We're Sandy and Ron Frazer, a Doctor of Naturopathy and a Doctor of Natural Health, respectively. We'll try to give you a basic structure from which you can make your own decisions about your natural health and wellness.


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Your Energy Body

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